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Community entrance+IoT+AI Cloud,A better provider of smart community solution
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Internet of Everything

Intelligent hardware, AI wisdom and knowledge

Face recognition cloud intercom

Moible Bluetooth QR Code Cloud Access Control IoT lock Series

AI monitoring series

Smart Home Series

Internet of things series

Intelligent channel smart parking series

AI intelligent robot

Intelligent waste sorting system


更多智能 更多物联

Cloud platform service



Multi-application development


优势:成熟移动端开发SDK框架,成熟的SDK API接口,少量代码,快速接入

Artificial intelligence AI
Access to artificial intelligence AI: optional support for face recognition applications, scalable support for object recognition and other AI applications
Mature SDK API interface
Thinmoo has a mature SDK API interface Successfully docked hundreds of corporate customers to meet various scenarios
Support multiple opening methods
Support a variety of door opening methods: QR code to open the door, mobile phone to open the door, fingerprint to open the door, human witness to open the door, face recognition to open the door, WeChat to open the door, remote audio and video intercom to open the door, remote door opening, mobile phone ladder control to meet your door to open everything Imagine
Support multiple communication methods
Full support for the Internet of Things, optional Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, 2G, 4G, NBIoT multiple communication options Meet the networking needs of different occasions
Product line for mobile Internet IoT
The whole line supports mobile phone opening. From the community door, unit door, elevator to the entrance door, the comprehensive pedestrian channel product covers low-end to high-end applications, meets various application requirements and supports multiple installation methods to meet new installation and transformation needs.
Multiple application scenarios
Smart community, smart campus, office building, gym, shared space, long-term rental apartment, public security application
Operation platform

Internet of Things platform, property management, e-commerce platform, community community

Internet of Things Platform

Property platform

Electronic business platform

Community platform

About Us

We hold the vision of "creating a better community", to "customer first, quality first, serious and down-to-earth, hard struggle" for the purpose of continuous management optimization, customer-centered, with high-quality products, innovative technical services, return to customers, to create a better community.  The company has provided products and services for the top 100 real estate properties in the country, and has contributed to the upgrading of Internet +, a number of listed property enterprises; the company is a pilot supplier of public security smart community transformation in many places in China; it is a supplier of bank smart community transformation; it competes with a number of industry giants and occupies a leading position in the smart community industry.



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